Call for participants

Call for participants


This is a call to participate in a workshop and discussion day at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities on March 10th 2018. Designed to bring together scholars of media, environment, sociology and systems theory, the one day event will involve a keynote from University of Amsterdam Professor of Media Mark Deuze and an afternoon session following a presentation from the University of York’s Dr Philip Garnett.

Working on the concept of liquidity as both a material process and a sociological idiom, participants are sought to take part in discussions about how we understand the huge environmental and technological changes at the centre of the human-earth relationship. What does the instability of liquid economics, communications and climate change mean for our global cosmopolitanism, what new genres and social relations does this create, and what kind of modernity will we experience in the coming decades as all that is solid melts into air and water?

As climate change begins to destabilise complex but relatively predictable global systems, how do we move from crisis to resilience, and from solid understandings of the world to complex ‘liquid’ readings? Moreover, how can the concept of liquidity and the associated ideas of fastness and complexity help us to grasp the changes going on around us?

The day will not involve the formal presentation of papers, but is designed as a focal point for researchers interested in communication of the global future, from journalists to climate scientists. The conversations from the day will be edited into a broadcast-quality podcast featuring interviews with participants, and will conclude with a drinks reception and meal for participants.

We also wish to maximise participation by early careers scholars (PhD and post-doc) and are seeking funding to facilitate this. Attendees will be expected to participate in discussions and if possible to bring perspectives from their own research, and a number of readings and points to consider will be made available before the event.

Applications to attend will go live in early December. To apply please use the contact link at the top of the page. Successful applicants will then be invited to confirm attendance and to opt in to evening events via a registration link.

A small administration fee will apply, but this will be reduced for PhD students.